My Self Introduction

me on the right in the photo

Hi everyone. My name is Annie. I was born in Taichung, Taiwan. There are 5 people in my family. I am the youngest in the family. When I was a child, I was a person with strong curiosity and courage to challenge and wanted to try all kinds of things. And my favorite entertainment is watching TV dramas, listening to music, reading novels and studying history.

In the process of growing up, I met many people,things and learned a lot. I gradually understand what I really love, and work hard, hoping to engage in work I like in the future.

I am currently studying in the Department of Information Communication at Asia University, because I am interested in drama production, and the Internet has become more and more developed in recent years. The current trend of information dissemination and marketing through the Internet, so I chose this school department.

For the future, I have three goals. My first goal is improve my english. I will accomplish this goal by practice listening and talkinging. As for my second goal, I want to prepare a good graduation project. i will accomplish this goal by take inspiration from life Finally.And my third goal is Create a video studio with friend in i will study more skill.

finally,I hope that through a self-introduction blog, everyone can understand me better,thank you!



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